About Us

We are a young and vibrant company who passionately believe in providing an unrivalled customer focussed professional service to our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to clearly and understandably guide our clients through the process of achieving their financial goals.

Saving & Investing

Whether it’s saving for the long term or something in the shorter term, the sooner you sit down and properly plan a way forward, the more chance there is of achieving your objective. We offer a full advice service in this area to ensure that your money is invested in the most tax efficient and suitable way.

Pension / Retirement Planning

A popular misconception is that ‘pension planning’ is the same as retirement planning. The reality is that there are many more factors that need taking into account to enable a client to enjoy a fruitful retirement. You need to consider tax planning, changes in government legislation, other forms of saving vehicles such as ISA’s that have different terms attached to them but can be just as useful. Also calculating an income and expenditure forecast for retirement so that any plans that are not on track can be remedied whilst still having time to do so.


Given the issues that have adversely affected this market, an already complex area has now been turned into a veritable minefield. Fixed tracker or discount rate? 2,3,5 year deal or longer? Fee free or a chunky arrangement fee to reduce the rate?

We can offer a comprehensive review and recommendation service to ensure that your mortgage deal is the most appropriate to you. Also, as the expiry of your deal approaches, we will proactively contact you to readdress the situation to ensure that you are not exposed to a penal rate of interest once your arrangement finishes.

Personal Protection

Whether it’s ensuring you have the correct cover for the correct term or receiving advice on the numerous levels of cover that are available, we can offer a fully independent advisory service. This includes all aspects of insurance such as life, critical illness, income protection and sickness, accident and redundancy so that in the event of the worst happening, things will be taken care of from a financial perspective.


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